Implementation Timeline

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Falcon STS (Student Technology Support) Innovation Plan Implementation Outline

Beginning in January 2021, I began my quest to create a student-led elective course where students will be in charge of their own learning, responding to and seeking out real-world technology challenges and addressing them in an educational setting. Falcons STS students will be problem solving – creating, curating, and organizing information with real emphasis on providing customer service to their fellow classmates, teachers and school administration. The Falcons STS course will go beyond just having students “fix” things but rather to make more of a connection of how technology supports learning. Help Desk students will create digital resources to address future occurrences of the same problem to be shared electronically. Students will gain real-world, hands-on technology experience they need to succeed in college or the workplace.  My vision is to promote a positive campus technology environment that fosters professional growth and collaboration to support teaching and learning. It will relieve the pressure for our technology department while giving our students the opportunity to build their tech-support skills.

Click HERE to view my detailed implementation timeline.

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