Concepts of Educational Technology

Lamar University Course 5302 is a deep dive into what I believe about learning, digital technology but most of all, myself. Growth Mindset has been the “buzz” in education for a while now, but it took on new life again after reading the book and reflecting on how I react to challenges and failures. Learning is on-going and ever-changing. Learning and problem solving is something I enjoy and seek out every day. I am learning that I can do hard things! I surround myself with like-minded people and educational organizations that support me through Professional Learning Communities. My Growth Mindset plan directly compliments my Learning Manifesto as I am able to share with you my passions – problem-solving, technology and most importantly, building relationships. I am honored to share with you my Growth Mindset Plan along with My Learning Manifesto detailed below that is pushing me to take risks and accept failures as part of the learning process as I seek to change the learning environment to allow my students choice, voice, and ownership in authentic learning opportunities.

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