I never could have imagined when I first created my e-portfolio that choosing the theme of a HIGHWAY in honor of the upcoming journey would be so appropriate! I have not yet reached my final destination but now can look in the rearview mirror and appreciate how far I have traveled throughout the ADL Program. I am beyond proud to highlight my accomplishments, victories and stops on my learning journey.

Copy of Capstone by Robin Ballard

What has the ADL experience meant to me? How can I sum up the impact of COVA on my professional and personal life?

After highlighting my ADL Journey (see above) by outlining my proudest accomplishments, I also wanted to share the experience through a podcast with my Lamar University small group (or click on the picture/link below). These amazing educators have walked along side of me throughout my transformation and have kept me lifted, accountable and supported. I now have new lifelong friendships as well as a professional community that I can always call on when needed.


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