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What’s happening with Falcon STS?

One might look and assume my innovation plan, Falcons STS (student-led instructional technology course), failed as it was not implemented as planned in August 2021. However, that would be completely incorrect. Patience has never been my gift, however, with my evolving growth mindset and having focused on crucial conversations, withstanding the whirlwinds and how studentsContinue reading “What’s happening with Falcon STS?”

Connecting the Dots – Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

Throughout the past few weeks, I have dived deeper into my initial innovation plan, a student-led instructional technology help desk, and explored in depth how this might impact the overall campus climate in my Lamar University Course EDLD 5315, Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction. I spent a lot of time working through the first threeContinue reading “Connecting the Dots – Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction”

Connecting the Dots – Digital Communication and Collaboration

Throughout the past few weeks, I have shared and explored various educational digital tools, the importance of keeping up with educational trends and how to reach a broader audience through my Lamar University Course EDLD 5317, Digital Communication and Collaboration. I spent an entire weekend playing with many of the recommended educational programs and toolsContinue reading “Connecting the Dots – Digital Communication and Collaboration”

Connecting the Dots – Alternate Professional Learning

Throughout the past few weeks, I have studied the importance of providing collaborative, engaging, authentic, and ongoing professional learning in my Lamar University Course, Developing Effective Professional Learning, EDLD 5389. I have worked in Professional Development for over 10 years now and have always prided myself on not conducting those “boring” sit-and-get sessions that teachersContinue reading “Connecting the Dots – Alternate Professional Learning”

Connecting the Dots – Creating Significant Learning Environments (CSLE)

Lamar University Course 5313, Creating Significant Learning Environments, allowed me to step back and take a holistic view of learning and the changes that can be achieved in our learning environments to make positive improvements. This course reinforced the need to change the way we all think about learning as it starts with the WHYContinue reading “Connecting the Dots – Creating Significant Learning Environments (CSLE)”

Embracing Change

I absolutely loved the simplicity and presentation of the 20th Century versus 21st Century education video. This played nicely into the video on the 21st century learners where they are compared to the “gamers” of today. The 21st century learner is curious, wants to learn and use the tools/technology and skills to become creators andContinue reading “Embracing Change”

Changing Mindsets

Unfortunately, the education system really doesn’t lend itself to the concept of learning from our mistakes with the strong emphasis on passing grades, highest GPA, assessments scales, etc. And professional learning – although not necessarily “graded” – has not traditionally encouraged making mistakes and learning from them either. I can’t even count how many timesContinue reading “Changing Mindsets”

Walk the Walk!!

I was so impressed and motivated by the OCBS video – it was incredibly powerful to witness the enormous change that effective professional learning had on that school. First and foremost, it led off with the fact that the school leaders also participated and MODELED that they are learners as well. That, by far, isContinue reading “Walk the Walk!!”


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