COVA Reflection & Application

One year ago, I had never heard of COVA or CSLE. And now, 11 months later, I can say with certainty that COVA+CSLE is like the birth of a child. The horrible contractions and excruciating labor pains are quickly forgotten when you see the beauty of your baby. COVA+CSLE is my new “baby” where although it was pretty tough in the beginning, I have forgotten those initial pains as it was leading to a beautiful gift. The gift of studying and experiencing COVA+CSLE has impacted me in ways I sure did not expect and I find I am using my new skills, knowledge and mindset already in my daily work. Since I am not in the classroom, my learners are my adult coworkers; however I am able to incorporate choice, voice, ownership and authenticity in my meetings, trainings and support. I still struggle with certain areas of the process as it tears me up seeing people I care about feel frustrated! However, I have also discovered a love for podcasting and the appreciation for surrounding yourself with like-minded people who push you to be better. My “small” group (is 7 really that small?!) decided to create our own video to share our COVA reflections, struggles, and successes. This format is typical of our weekly group zooms – lots of laughter, wonky wifi in Lubbock, coordinating times from Texas to Hawaii to North Carolina – we are like old friends that could go on and on for hours!! The 7 of us came together with 2 prepared questions and a goal of 30 minutes…we only got through one question each and we talked and laughed for an entire hour! I hope you enjoy our video of our COVA+CSLE reflection as much as we enjoyed creating it!


Harapnuik, D. (2018, July 14). CSLE+COVA. It’s About Learning.

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