Embracing Change

But when looking at this comment through the gaming lens, I believe it should be stated a little differently…students want to be successful and the measurement is simply playing the same game over and over, learning and adjusting to the format and pathways, until they succeed at that particular level and move to the next, more difficult one. It is NOT a direct measurement of their intelligence or value or comparison to the next gamer though. It is a motivator that pushes the learner to experiment, try something different until they are successful. It is self-motivated and SAFE with tutorials, live support, fellow gamers to play alongside with and learn from. It is truly the learning environment we are attempting to provide in the education setting. The information presented is pushing me to find creative ways to inspire students to be creative and use reflection to see how to move forward past a challenge. This entire gaming scenario is preparing them for the future – how to overcome challenges, courage to try a new path even if they fail, seeking out assistance or teammates to reach the goal, persistence and nuggets of encouragement to motivate them to keep trying.

I would really love to witness this type of learning environment live in the K-12 educational environment though as I just can’t get past the fact that all learners are unique (not a one and done assignment but rather the ongoing opportunities for this type of constructivist learning over time with consistency) as I am sure it takes a lot of time in advance to faciliatate this environment. For example, personally I do not enjoy the violent, racing type of “video games” but give me Candy Crush on my phone and I can be entertained for hours! My mind is still working and the processes are similar (not so much collaboration unless I switch to Words with Friends!). I know that in my classroom setting, there is not a one size fits all. So there needs to be some combination of formal learning procedures that work along with this significant learning environment. My hope is that as I work through this DLL program, that it becomes more clear HOW to create this environment that works to push and provide COVA for all my students. Grant Lichtman said it best that we need to prepare our students for their future and not our past. What a challenge when we do not know what the future will even look like! 

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