Connecting the Dots – Concepts of Educational Technology

Lamar University Course 5302, Concepts of Educational Technology, is a deep dive into what I believe about learning, digital technology but most of all, myself. Growth Mindset has been the “buzz” in education for a while now, but it took on new life again after reading the book and reflecting on how I react to challenges and failures. Learning is on-going and ever-changing. Learning and problem solving is something I enjoy and seek out every day. I am learning that I can do hard things! I surround myself with like-minded people and educational organizations that support me through Professional Learning Communities. My LU small learning community (not really that small – Michelle R., Maria R., Danielle P., Lindsay H., Avery N., Lindsey W., Aliscia D. and myself) met once a week via zoom (sometimes twice a week!) and communicated 24/7 on Group Me as we provided guidance, brainstormed options, critiqued, clarified and provided feed-forward feedback on the various steps of our individual projects. We created a shared Google Drive space where we dropped links to our projects so that we could receive forward feedback. It allowed us to comment, tweak and expand on the various ideas we brought to the group. It was lovely to have a new professor – Dr. Bedard – who brought a fresh presence and energy to the course and validation that the COVA process is being implemented and modeled by others in education. I realize that I have strong feelings and frustrations about the current state of education. I desperately want to make a difference and be the example that I wish to see in other educators through my blended learning innovation project where I seek to change the learning environment to allow my students choice, voice, and ownership in authentic learning opportunities. Creating my Growth Mindset Plan along with my Learning Manifesto in this course has pushed me to take personal inventory as well as to take risks and accept failures as part of the learning process. My Growth Mindset plan directly compliments my Learning Manifesto as I am able to share with you my passions – problem-solving, technology and most importantly, building relationships. As I now begin to push my innovation plan forward, this 5302 course inventory of my traits, beliefs and passions will compliment my desire and effort to bring about lasting change.

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