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Lamar University Course EDLD 5305, Disruptive Innovation in Education, was one of the two initial 8-week courses I took towards earning my Masters Degree in Digital Learning and Leadership at Lamar University. The course syllabus states that “by embracing technological innovations as opportunities rather than challenges…the student can proactively use those changes as catalysts to enhance” their learning environment. No one could argue that perspective, right?! The mantra by our fearless leader, Dr. H., is that we can change the world! It is that lofty goal that not only terrifies me but also inspires me to continue on this journey. The directive in this course was to address a current issue or challenge in education and develop an innovative solution. This was NOT an easy task for me – my first proposal was rejected because it was too limited in scope as this innovative solution needed to push the boundaries of conventional, classroom education. With my current job at my school district in Admin – not the traditional classroom setup – teachers/staff are my “students” which challenged me to think about the issues I see in a new light. It took a couple of sleepless nights after proposal one and a bunch of praying when it suddenly hit me in the wee hours of the morning – an elective course where students assist, troubleshoot, initiate, brainstorm, create and lead instructional technology to assist their fellow classmates, their teachers and campus administrators! With so much new technology in schools – especially during the pandemic where we have added more virtual learning options and devices – without the benefit of more funding or more personnel, it was PERFECT for my school district! I needed to research this  not-so-small task, create a plan of action and generate excitement about the implementation – all in a short 8-week span of time! My small learning community (not really that small – Michelle Richey, Maria Rodman, Danielle Pyle, Lindsay Hoerig, Avery Nihill, Lindsey Wallace, Aliscia Drummond and myself) met once a week via zoom (sometimes twice a week!) and communicated 24/7 on Group Me as we provided guidance, brainstormed options, critiqued and clarified the various steps of our individual projects. We created a shared Google Drive space where we dropped links from our ePortfolios with our innovation project pieces. It allowed us to comment, tweak and expand on the various ideas we brought to the group. I am so thankful to have forged strong, honest relationships with like-minded educators who wept, celebrated and were held accountable with me in this short time frame. I am nearly completed with this initial 8-week course and can without any doubt assure you that I have learned more than I expected these past few weeks. I am indeed self-motivated to navigate, explore and learn with little to no guidance (i.e. auto didactic!!). I have strong feelings and frustrations about the current state of education. I desperately want to make a difference and be the example that I wish to see in other educators through this innovation project and anxiously await moving forward. I am STILL waiting for official approval, so that is frustrating but understandable in this crazy time of the unknown in Texas education. However, I am so thrilled to share and implement my innovation plan when (not IF) I get the thumbs up!

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