I will be a light in the darkness

It has been an especially challenging few weeks at school – we have recently lost 2 beautiful, beloved Falcons (a giant-hearted coach/teacher to COVID and our Special Education Admin Asst who was the heart of the department to cancer). Combine that deep sadness with the record breaking Texas snowmaggedon, upcoming State testing to be conducted entirely online and still so many unanswered questions about what education will look like in 21-22…well, it is easy to understand why so many in my district feel overwhelmed, anxious, sad, cranky, distracted and just overall DARK. I was blessed to escape the real world and participate in a women´s conference this weekend – and yes, I wore my mask the entire time and the venue was especially prepared for distance learning with every security measure in place. The down time from social media and work really allowed me to refocus. In order to impact a change in education, I need to BE the instrument of change. Of course I have lofty goals and am pushing (maybe too hard) to get my proposal going. I am creating videos, igniting excitement, pleading and justifying…but something hit me like a ton of bricks during my time away. In this time of chaos, sadness and darkness – I can start by being a LIGHT to those around me. I can lend a hand, provide a break, be a listener; I can speak words of encouragement, fist bump and air hug; I can smile through my mask; Treat my educators and students with respect, understanding and compassion. I will start by being a light in this dark time and step back from pushing so hard to get my way. By changing my attitude and my focus, perhaps my light will ignite excitement about potential opportunities without such an in-your-face effort, especially as we are all still healing.

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