Am I an Innovative Educator?

After 5 days of no internet and intermittent technology during the Great Texas Snowpocolypse, I am finally able to log back in and work on my blog. How appropriate a topic then communication and innovation?? Innovation is not just learning and creating solutions and opportunities but sharing with others who might benefit from what is shared. How ironic in this snowpocolypse where we couldn’t get online, turn on the TV or charge our phones would it have been INNOVATIVE to be able to share how to stay warm with no electricity? How to help pipes not freeze? How to prepare food without water/microwave/etc.? I know it may seem silly to those of you used to these crazy cold conditions, but sharing how to wrap the pipes under the sink with a pool noodle or how to use a clay pot and a candle to create warmth (without a fireplace and/or firewood) is life-changing!! If I were to have received a wordy email or read one lengthy article with ALL the winter tips, I would have skipped right over it (or my electricity would have gone out and I couldn’t have finished it anyway). But to get a short text or read a tweet with pertinent information would have penetrated deeper and resulted in immediate action. And to have constant, reliable, updated information from the City, the water department and/or Oncor – even if it is filled with no true resolution – is so much better than the fear and anxiety that results from not knowing anything at all. Just like this awful storm that is almost over, our education system is so similar. Although I don’t work in a classroom setting, I am called upon to deliver updated information and training to our staff when anything new in instructional technology is purchased/implemented (which in the last year alone has been almost weekly). Large spurts of information at one time is not absorbed well by anyone. But small, consistent bursts of information especially those that address an immediate need are sure to be better received and implemented. SO to answer the question, am I an innovative educator? I would have to say honestly I am on the cusp.. my heart is in the right place but my execution and delivery could definitely use some tweaking. There is just so much to share and I want so badly to help my teachers use the resources to benefit them (save time, save energy, save tears/frustration), but no one can filter through so much information and be expected to retain or utilize it if it isn’t consistent and concise. I will do a better job of finding various ways to communicate smaller chunks of information on a consistent basis so that it can be received and digested better to those who receive it. 

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