Change your words, change the world

Watch this short video – you won’t regret it!! The Power of Words –; (1:47)

I am a Hallmark channel movie lover, cry at those silly Foldgers commercials and swoon at the ending of Pride and Prejudice (if you know, you know!) so this type of emotional, non-verbal, heart-string tugging communication is what impacts me personally. I love, support, strive to touch the hearts and emotions to get “buy in” from people whether it is at school, at home or even when conversing with a stranger. However, I am honest enough to admit that I tend to use a lot more words to get my message across. It has been a welcome reminder to focus on saying less and conveying more with my actions not only in regards to my education goals but as a life change as well. I wonder if leading with questions and appealing to the heart gets easier with practice kind of like how I am trying to make blogging a new habit?

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