One step forward, 3 steps back.

Life is busy. I was trucking along navigating full time work, my family, my church family, friends and now my Masters program…and the first 4 weeks have been HARD but I was seeing my growth and progress. And then LIFE happens. I looked up yesterday and realized I had not blogged (or even thought about blogging) in 7 whole days! So after about 12 hours of beating myself up, I am starting new again today. I will not negate the progress I have made nor will I marinate on the failure but will pick myself up and start again fresh. Moving at all even if it isn’t always forward is still moving, right?! I need to give myself as much grace as I do to others. So here is my blog for today – let us not focus on the fact that I am unintentionally wearing two different shoes or that I am not sure if I actually put on deodorant this morning in my rush to get to school on time. I am finding joy and success in the fact that I have started back to blogging today. May it bring a smile to the face of anyone who reads it!

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