My Innovation Proposal

Teachers are busy, our tech department is overwhelmed and we have more technology in our schools than ever before. Adding a student-led technology support course is an innovative solution without increasing actual staff or personnel budget funds. Support desk students will use critical and analytical thinking skills to solve authentic technology-related problems for our 1:1 Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education learning community. It will also promote a positive campus technology environment that fosters professional growth and collaboration to support teaching and learning. It will relieve the pressure for our technology department while giving our high school students the opportunity to build their tech-support skills. I am so thrilled to be able to share my INNOVATIVE PROJECT: FALCONS STUDENT TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT OR FALCONS FTS. These students will interpret, question and evaluate problems as they arise including hardware repair, troubleshooting and/or network account resets as well as offer their services to teachers, clubs, organizations and students who are in need of technology tools, resources, instructional videos and support. The Support Desk will go beyond just having students “fix” things but rather to make more of a connection of how technology supports learning. Help Desk students will create a digital resource to address future occurrences of the same problem to be shared with staff electronically. Students will gain real-world, hands-on technology experience they need to succeed in college or the workplace. It won’t cost a thing except one class period in the schedule. My brain is spinning with all sorts of plans, arguments, motivations, and ideas – stayed tuned!

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