Why am I creating an ePortfolio?

I am completely guilty of assuming an ePortfolio was simply a fancy file cabinet or something needed for a job search. After diving into the articles and required readings/videos over the past couple of weeks, I have come to realize that my ePortfolio is a personal learning record as well as a concrete tool to showcase my strengths, my professional growth and my knowledge. I am understanding that the process of building my ePortfolio is just as important as the product. It is a continuous work in progress, evolving as I continue to learn and grow as well. To be honest, at the moment, I feel a bit overwhelmed as I tend to focus on the details and not necessarily the big picture. I want to be intentional about my learning connections and for my site to be easy to navigate and appealing to visit. There’s just so much to consider – what to include, how to make it look inviting, will anyone want to visit my site?!? Then I watched John Hattie’s 2-part video collection on Visible Learning (Yes, I am a little of a data nerd – the videos backed up their message with plenty of data throwing some education staples out the window in terms of learning value – http://www.harapnuik.org/?page_id=4749). Mr. Hattie emphasized that EDUCATOR MINDSET changes are necessary, needed and more powerful than any other strategies, content knowledge or teaching competencies to make a difference in learning. Evidence-based learning – ePortfolios – demonstrate merit, worth and creativity within a body of work where collaboration, communication and feedback is encouraged. I select and lead my own progress with constant reflection, observation and documentation that demonstrates SUCCESSES as well as continues to push me to learn and grow.


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