Mindset change is hard.

It has been one entire week of reading, exploring, and internal fighting as I continue to struggle with desiring authentic learning and the constraints of my “real” job in education…I can easily argue in favor of BOTH sides all by myself! One part of me wants to focus my energy on improving the learning conditions within the crazy parameters and procedures we are required to follow. Although blended learning doesn’t completely offer an exciting, open choice, authentic learning experience for every student, isn’t it better than handouts or heaven forbid, a teacher standing in the front of the classroom doing all the talking? I almost feel too small, too powerless, too tired to think I could impact any change in my district and this current public education climate. Then I find a like-minded educator, a learning ally that lifts me up and reminds me why we continue to fight for change. It really isn’t about me and how hard it feels at the moment. It is about the students and the learning and making it better for the person that comes after me…


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