Can I really make a change?

When I began my Master’s journey, I prided myself on being a “veteran” who can roll with (and master) any technology changes that my school district throws at me. I did not grow up with technology but now work in that field as the Administrator supporting our five campuses and the Instruction Department with every new app, device, program and tool that should be complimenting the classroom learning. However, I fear I may have one foot on both sides of the disruptive innovation educational theory. I completely agree and strive to make all adult learning customizable, flexible and tailored to the technology level and specific duties of the teacher. I often allow for choice and voice and encourage constructive feedback to continuously improve. However I found myself cringing as I realized that often I am such in a time constraint or test-as-you-go implementation, that it is EASIER to just remove the learners option to be challenged and self-directed. My supervisors often encourage me to just log in to that program and get it fixed for everyone – is that not just excellent customer service? I fear not… There are several of us in my school district that believe in the power of blended learning to encourage learner choice, ownership, voice through authentic learning opportunities (COVA) and how technology can enhance the learning experience, but I fear the challenge is in the overall system. Often there is budget money to spend, therefore top level-decisions are made without necessarily thinking of the end in mind. Or the technology product drives the learning and therefore becomes a slave to that end result.
I do believe though that I, personally, can impact change. I have the unique opportunity to support ALL our teachers – every campus, every grade, every technology level. My mindset needs to change so that I do not fall back into those old education staples (standardized, check the boxes, teach/test/assess, just do it for them!) but provide opportunities for more competency-based learning to occur. I am now humbly aware that I need to slow down, step back and rethink how I can promote this learning revolution where I give my teachers a voice and allow them to take ownership of their learning.

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